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xml mp3 player - pi 1.0

The most advanced and versatile xml mp3 player. The mp3 player supports: Five different modes, Two different playlist positions, Fully XML Driven, MySpace versions – the only one MySpace mp3 player on Activden, and much more.

xml mp3 player - pi 1.0


1. Five different modes

  • Full & Playlist
  • Full
  • Compact
  • Pill
  • Equalizer – in Pill mode you need to remove all the opacities and colors of the pi mp3 player

2. Two different playlist positions

These great options allow you to place the mp3 player player at the bottom or at the top of your web site effortlessly.

  • Above
  • Below

3. Fully XML Driven

With more than 35 settings you have an AMAZING control over the layout and the behavior of the player

  • defaultVolume: 1 – 100 – player initial/start volume
  • playerWidth: 250 – mp3 player width in pixels.
  • thumbnailsDisplay: On, On or Off – showing hiding the thumbnails.
  • startSong: 3 – start song.
  • autoPlayOnStart: On or Off – auto play or not on start.
  • autoLoopMode: On or Off – enable or disable auto start of the next song.
  • repeatMode: Single or All – if Single and autoLoopMode is On then will loop the song defined in startSong.
  • shuffleMode: On or Off – if On then the player will play the songs in random order.
  • randomPlayOnStart: On or Off – if On then evry time when the player is loaded it will pick the first song randomly and startSong option will be overwrite.
  • buyLinkDisplay: On or Off – show/hide the BUY link.
  • playlistButtonDisplay: On or Off – show or hide the playlist button.
  • playerMode: Pill or Compact or Full or Playlist – defines which mode will be the default initial mode for the player.
  • playerColor: “0×111111” – the mp3 player’s main color.
  • playerOpacity: 100 – Opacity of the mp3 player 0-100.
  • controlsColor: “0xffffff” – Color of the player controls. More about format of colors here.
  • controlsOpacity: 50 – Opacity of the player controls 0-100.
  • controlsColorOver: “0×00ffff” – Color of the player controls when mouse is over.
  • controlsOpacityOver: 100 – Opacity of the player controls when mouse is over 0-100.
  • glossyOpacity: 10 – mp3 Player glossy opacity 0-100.
  • playListPosition: Below or Above – Playlist position.
  • playListHeight: 200 – playlist height in pixels.
  • boxesOpacity: 5 – Opacity of the boxes of the controls/buttons 0-100.
  • boxesOpacityOver: 20 – Opacity of the boxes of the controls/buttons when mouse is over 0-100.
  • boxesColor: “0xffffff” – Color of the boxes of the controls/buttons and some other elements.
  • boxesColorOver: “0xffffff” – Color of the boxes of the controls/buttons when mouse is over 0-100.
  • buyAlpha: 10 – Opacity of BUY button 0-100.
  • buyAlphaOver: 50 – Opacity of BUY button when mouse is over 0-100.
  • buyColor: “0xffffff” – Color of BUY button.
  • buyColorOver: “0xff0000” – Color of BUY button when mouse is over.
  • ease_speed: “10” – Playlist menu scroll speed 0-100.

Options for each single sound/song:

  • title:”Your title” – title of a song
  • artist:”Artist of song,” – artist of a song.
  • songimage:”Song image for thumbnail – jpg,png,gif …,” – song thumbnail
  • buyLink:”Internet URL address,” Internet URL address.
  • filename: “your_folder/your_file_name.mp3”, file names of a songs

4. MySpace versions – the only one MySpace mp3 player on Activden

One without protection and second MySpace version with domain protection. This means that the second one will run only under your domain and even if the swf is stolen the swf will not work.

Flash Stock Market: activeden
Flash Versions Supported: Flash CS3, Flash CS4
ActionScript Code Version: AS3
Author of File: ica
Date of Creation: 24-01-2010
Price of File: $15.00
xml mp3 player - pi 1.0 download
my space mp3 player xml wordpress versatile clean simple sleek black white customizable Flash CS3, Flash CS4 AS3

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